Care-O-bot I

The first Care-O-bot® prototype was built by Fraunhofer IPA in 1998. It consisted of a mobile platform with a moveable interactive touchscreen which enabled intuitive communication with the human user.

Care-O-bot® I was already able to navigate safely and reliably in public environments and could thus execute simple transportation tasks. In addition the robot operated successfully as a trade fair and exhibition guide on several occasions and provided the basis for the development of the three museum robots in Berlin.


Care-O-bot - a vision

The video illustrates the vision of the application scenario designed already in 1997. Until today, it has been the basis for the development of different Care-O-bot prototypes.


Care-O-bot I as an exposition guide at FESTO

This video shows how Care-O-bot I operated as a guide at the 2001 FESTO anniversary exhibition. The visitors could use the interactive touch screen of Care-O-bot I to select a destination they were then taken to by the robot.