Care-O-bot 3

The third generation of the Care-O-bot development series is characterized by a product like system design and provides the potential to apply manipulating mobile service robots in everyday environments. The use of industrial components approved in daily practice ensures the dependability of the system.

Care-O-bot 3 in application

Why don't you surprise your customers and visitors by installing an interactive Care-O-bot 3 with individual design and application specific programming in your company building or at the next trade fair? Or you can use Care-O-bot 3 to test and present your latest products and technologies. Apart from building up a new Care-O-bot 3 platform it is also possible to rent an existing robot. In both cases, the abilities and technologies of Care-O-bot 3 can be combined individually and application specific speech and image files can be integrated to create your own application scenario.

Care-O-bot 3 in research

Care-O-bot 3 can be used as a robust, close-to-product research and development platform. All required hardware drivers as well as a simulation of the robot are available in an actively supported open source respository. In case of difficulties, our research community and mailing list ensure a quick and target-oriented support. All software components are based on ROS. Being one of the most prominent robot middlewares, this allows the simple integration with a large number of high level software components available all over the world.