Fetch and Carry Tasks

© Fraunhofer IPA, Jens Kilian (2012)
Care-O-bot® 3 handing over a drink

To place an order,  the user can chose the desired object using e.g. a smart phone or the touch screen integrated in the tray of the robot. Care-O-bot is programmed to know where the different items are kept in the user's home. Using its navigation system the robot is capable of independently finding the way to its target. After reaching its target, Care-O-bot autonomously locates the selected item, pics it up using its robotic arm and gripper and places it on its tray for transport and safe transfer to the user.

Entertainment and Communication

© Fraunhofer IPA, Jens Kilian (2012)
Using of the integrated touch screen to communicate with relatives and friends

The interactive touch screen of the robot can be used for all different entertainment and communication functions. Video telephony, for example, enables communication between the user and other family members and friends. The touch screen can also be used as game board, e.g. for interactive mind games or cognitive training. Using its speakers, the robot can further be used to play music or tell stories. Finally, Care-O-bot can remind the user of important appointments, e.g. when to take his or her medication.

Emergency Support

© Fraunhofer IPA, Jens Kilian (2012)
The service centre uses Care-O-bot® 3 to communicate with the fallen user

In emergency situations, quick and target-oriented support is essential. When e.g. the user has fallen, Care-O-bot 3 is able to move towards the fallen person. At the same time, it can setup communication with an emergency center, who can talk to the user by video telephony using the screen, speakers and microphone of the robot.

Robot assisted cleaning in office buildings

© Dussmann Group / Ecke
Care-O-bot pulling its tool trolley to where it is needed.

In professional office cleaning business, floor cleaning and waste disposal account for 70 % of the daily cleaning efforts. A Care-O-bot 3  has been enabled for doing these tasks completely autonomously. The robot is able to inspect the room for trash bins and dirty spots at the ground. Then the found trash bin is grasped, cleared into a collection bin and brought back. Following, an autonomous tool change between robot hand and vacuum cleaner is shown. The attached vacuum cleaner is then used to clean the ground.

Video: Robot assisted cleaning in office buildings