Care-O-bot II

Care-O-bot® II, built in 2002, was equipped with a manipulator arm, adjustable walking supporters, and a tilting sensor head containing two cameras and a laser scanner for environment perception. The manipulator had specifically been developed for household use and was able to handle typical household objects. The flexible gripper attached to the manipulator was able to grasp different objects such as plates, mugs and bottles. A tablet-PC was used to command and to supervise the robot.

In addition to the mobility functions already solved in Care-O-bot® I, the second prototype was able to execute simple manipulation tasks autonomously and could be used as an intelligent walking support.


Care-O-bot II in inHaus

As it is shown in this video, Care-O-bot II was already able to execute simple transportation tasks. Via a tablet-PC the user could command and supervise the robot. The video was taken in the Fraunhofer inHaus 1 also shows how a mobile service could interact with and be integrated in an intelligent home environment.