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rob@work 3 as order picking robot for retail stores and warehouses

The video features a prototypical order picking robot for picking goods according to customer orders. The robot is capable of driving to the respective storage location of the ordered items and detects the exact 3d location and pose of them within the shelf using its object recognition system. The desired object can then be grasped with the vacuum gripper and is stored in a collection box. Training the objects models is simple and fast and can be done with a specialized object modelling station.


rob@work 3 – The incubator for industrial service robotics

rob@work 3 is a flexible platform to develop assistance systems which support human workers in production environments. An omnidirectional mobile base and a modular manipulator system are combined to a fully integrated robot. rob@work 3 integrates the components for all aspects of service robotics into a single platform and uses a component based software framework. All hardware interfaces as well as all interfaces to the provided basic functionalities of the robot feature open availability as part of the open source software »Robot Operating System« (ROS).
The video shows the implementation of a logistics scenario which was realized in a development time of one week.


rob@work 3: omnidirectional drive modules

rob@work 3 is equipped with a novel omnidirectional drive concept that combines the flexibility of standard wheels with the manoeuvrability of omnidirectional drives. Using this, the robot is able to adapt independently to different working conditions. This video shows the omnidirectional mobile platform of rob@work 3 operating in a typical application environment.